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1 minute ago, ClaytonGrub said:

I’ve leveled up 2 Warframes 0-30 and 3 or 4 weapons and still don’t have enough to get to do mastery rank test. I should be up to mastery rank 12 or 13 at least. 

At best you have got 24,000 mastery points there. That is not anywhere near enough.

  • Frames: 6,000 Mastery points
  • Weapons: 3,000 Mastery points.

Check your profile to see how much you need.

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You have maxed 14 weapons, that's 42,000 xp.

You have maxed 8 frames/companions, that's another 48,000 xp for a total of 90,000.

You then have 4 unmaxed weapons, worth 4,300 xp, and 2 unmaxed frames/companions worth 3,800 xp. That gives you a total of 98,100 xp from items.

Presumably the other 18,000 you have comes from clearing the star chart. 

There is no problem here, you absolutely have not done enough to be MR 12 or 13 yet.

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