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not getting platinum



Hello hows it going?

Last Friday I bought some platinum through the play station network,I paid 155 Hong Kong dollars for 370 platinum.

I have bought some platinum in the past without any trouble,I log into warframe to see if my platinum is there no nothing has gone through.I waited for a day just to see if it would go through.still nothing.

I logged on to the warframe website sent a ticket in got a reply back followed the instructions as to what to do.6 days later  still dont have any platinum.

Its thursday 1st of August today I phoned play station they told me to restore the licence see if that works,it did not work.

they then put back 155 hong kong dollars into my wallet,I just tried again bought some platinum checked my game no platinum.


Is this a problem with play station or is  from the warframe side?I have all the emails from play station saying that I have paid for the platinum.

thankyou hope some one can give me some advice.


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