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Void Survival Bugs ?


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I don't know is that Survival in genre or mix up with  Reflection and Parry mods .. 

but every time i want to  block  like Jedi Knight  

i got Internal Warframe Crash 

WAR - 101005 


i tried  turning off MulitThread  ...no change... crash 

i tried restarting the  PC ... no change ... crash 

i tried defraging  cache using launcher .... no change ... crash


so i got like  3-4 crash after crash  


this problem occurred like few minutes ago... what is going on ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edited by SethSamson, Today, 09:43 PM.


Defiantly there is something wrong with those two MODS ...  i just took different warframe without those mods and  no crash 

Edited by SethSamson
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