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[Suggestion]Ability To Play The Normal Mission An Alert Is On


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Let me tell you my troubles.

I'm farming Thermisto for Warframe Parts and resources.

An alert pops up on Thermisto.

It's only worth 2000 credits, and I don't want to do it.

But... I have to, right?
I can't seem to click on just normal Thermisto without doing the alert.


Why is this?

It's incredibly irritating that I have to go through a worthless (To me, at least) mission just to play the mission I want to.


I suggest the ability to chose whether you want to play just the normal mission or the alert mission when you select a particular world.

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Well, regardless of when did they speak about this issue (if they did), it would be a nice feature. Farming bosses is not possible while an Alert is sitting right on their lairs, not to mention some times you just don't want to play the alert but go for the regular mission instead.

That's the one thing that get to me.

I'm at that point in the game (Well, my stash of cash has) where credit rewards don't really mean all that much to me, and the actual mission hold more value.

I'd have normally jumped to an alert mission, but this time I was a bit... "Well... I'd prefer the boss."

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They mentioned this improvement in multiple streams, not only once, since the nightmare mode came out and we never saw the light of it. I guess that it will be implemented in 2-3 months at this rate.

I understand why they'd say it around nightmare mod time.

I play the earliest defence mission in... Venus(? Second planet you unlock) in my down time to relax a little.

It's chilled gameplay right?

It's rather irritating when it goes nightmare and I'm not willing to put the effort in to play nightmare or don't have the time, and can't just play the normal mission.

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