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Help with MAG build



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1 hour ago, (PS4)Rogthun said:

mag build

Play around with different builds, see what you prefer out of Pull spam, Counter Pulse pwnage,
putting bubbles o' doom everywhere, or maybe Augment'd Crush Armor shredding, and then adjust your build based on that.

FWIW, this is my "general use" build that I've found quite fun as well as effective in lotsa missions:

Corrosive Projection, Vigilante Pursuit
R9 Umbral Intensify, Augur Secrets
Stretch, Overextended
Streamline, Primed Continuity
R9 Umbral Vitality, Counter Pulse

I also have Arcane Energize to help with ability spam (high-Range Pull is just too fun plus yay Squad Overshields),
as well as Arcane Guardian which further helps against Toxin damage / when your Shields take a big hit.

Works great for my purposes / tastes, but again, try stuff out yourself, Mag can be built a bunch of ways, find your own 😄

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Lets see, the One that I ended up going with, if I can remember right, was

Fleeting Expertise, Strain Consume, Umbral Vitality, Umbral Intensify, Transient Fortitude, Adaptation, Primed Continuity, Stretch, Growing Power, Power Drift. 

Power Drift can be dropped for something like Hand springs if desired, and Strain Consume is only there cause I wanted to try it out for fun and to have an in-build way of regenerating HP, but if you have Magus or Vazerin and are ok dropping into Operator every so often can just do that and phase it out for Auger Secrets/Natural Talent (she benefits a LOT from Natural Talent so Id strongly consider doing that, I currently run it in my build by dropping Stretch and Power Drift and putting in Cunning drift and having the Arcane helmet, BUT I know not everyone will have that for obvious reasons hence the build above).

Had a lot of time on my hands recently and read the 98 page mag guide one of our lovely forum goers created, and found that this build worked the best for me. She's basically a battle mage, sprinting into fights, taking a few hits, polarizing to shield up after adaptation stacks a bit, then magnetizing, pull into the magnetize, shoot a few times and polarize, then pull/Crush if things get a bit harry and you need some CC. Crush also gives over shields to so good to pull polarize Crush to get some cushion early tell your Adaptation Stacks up.

Overall Mag can actually be a very fun and dynamic frame that actually uses all of her abilities. You might notice how the build above has less duration, Ive found that it isn't really needed to much, Keeps her magnetize from being to annoying to your team mates too. It does make her Polarize a lot more short range, but its not like its travel time is good enough to weren't a good duration anyway, and your probably going to end up casting it a few times the later it goes anyway. I dont run Corrosive projection as Polarize does that job pretty well anyway, and besides, more armor means more shards! 

Ive had a lot of fun running around with this even if it isn't the 'god tier nuke room lulz' that's prevalent in the meta right now. She can really be built in a lot of different ways depending on play-style, and that's what makes her one of the most dynamic, fun frames in the game, even if she's not the greatest. I hope your able to figure out a build that works for you!

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I semi-recently decided to try Mag again and settled on a build focusing on Polarize as a primary skill and Magnetize as the secondary. It doesn't use the corrupted mods but does make use of one of the two drift mods that I have on tap. All mods are maxed.

Primed Continuity, Primed Flow, Constitution, Vitality, Redirection, Intensify, Stretch, Counter Pulse (need this!), (Cunning Drift / Power Drift) , Your favorite 'Y' polarity aura unless you wanna get fancy and start messing with that polarity. The result: 183 dur, 160 range(using cunning drift), 130 str.

No it isn't min-maxed. However I can pretty much pulse a majority of any ESO map Granting armor strip, shields, to allies, and everything but infested ponder their guns for a little bit while the Saryn remembers where their '4' button is. For infested or nasty big fattie enemies magnetize is your pal and if you can lay it on a choke point you have a 25+ sec ball of death for enemies to wade through thanks to the high-ish duration stat.

I mostly use her for ESO and easily come in second in terms of damage output. A poorly built Saryn I can match or exceed as long as there is energy in the tank. 🙂

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17 hours ago, (PS4)Rogthun said:

im trying do a good mag build i found this site https://warframe-school.com/mag-builds-guide/ 

but it says mag is a great as it use to when mag first came to warframe. Is their an alternative better build than these 3 on the link i put in here or no?

Hey @(PS4)Rogthun, hope you are having a nice day.
Mag is one the OP frames of the game, and my number one. I played almost 60 percent of my 400-500 hrs with mag/prime. I can tell you, she is great, although building MAG, IMO, comes down to personal playstyle.

Personally I tend to follow a supporting/DPS role; and rely 3rd and 4th ability most, with 1st one kind of as panic button/CC; 2nd one is for bosses,tougher enemies, and chokepoints.
To this end, I normally run a build with high strength (200+), and good range(150+), and try to put nrmal duration. Also I use corrosive projection + fracturing Crush.

Now as i mentioned this build is suited for my personal playstyle. Quick description of that and explanation of build is as follows,

I dont use much duration, as i dont want my bubble stick around different place of the map, also i want to use the final blast of the bubble, that kills a few more enemies as well. Now you may use magnetize defensively, in that case you may want to put a bit more duration.

High power strength alongside fracturing crush gives you the ability to completely destroy enemy armor at very high level; therein lies the support as well as damage dealing aspect of my gameplay; also 4th ability gives me good enough survivablity as well. I can keep my shields up all the time. 

3rd ability in conjunction with 4th helps to remove armor, as well, give my friends shield; although its not a very big buff; as in higher level, effectiveness of shield fails. But using it on enemies at not so high level, and already weakened armor, you can downright kill them too. also pretty effective against corpus shields.

Now as stated earlier; 2nd ability is for bosses/ heavy gunners/NOX / other tough guys. also in specific maps, and time, you can create a chokepoint, can put a perfect bubble over defense target, and make you temporary shelter. although if you wanna use it that way, duration will be better. Last of all, use 1 to CC,give your self some breathing room. in some maps, you can totally pull them off of maps, like new gas city. also pretty effective against flying enemies, like dargyns in plains.

So final piece of advice, there is no intuitively correct mod setup for MAG, as she can be deployed in a variety of ways. so choose your playstyle, and mod accordingly. have a great time plying her.

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