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Despair Placement Error Fix Overdue!


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I just want to say that this incredibly annoying and in your face obvious placement error has been left alone for waaaaay too long now. It has been around since the birth of the Despair weapon and why it hasn't been fixed is beyond me.


The problem here is that whenever you use a melee weapon WHILE the despair are equipped they will randomly stick out all over the place in their holsters. Not only that but they even do it in the loadout screen and have done so since the beginning of time as I said.


Could DE just stop making more stuff for a second and sort these animation issues out please?


I don't mean to sound like I am fueled by rage but when I see all this unfinished content getting rushed out constantly along with old stuff not being fixed I really do have to question some things...


Either way I am not too sure if this problem happens with the other throwing weapons but at the moment not only does this little gem happen but also the holding of the Despair blades are messed up 80% of the time too.


I can't be bothered screenshotting it as you can see it all from just playing the game yourself.


P.S. Leave your "This is BETA" rubbish at the door please.









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