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Vauban idea based on Mirages (2nd) aug


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Mirages Explosive Ledger-whatever aug seems like it would fit Vauban a lot more. It seems like her whole 2nd ability with the Aug would fit Vauban better as well. With the aug only affecting ammo I mean and a possible ability that generates ammo, could be Vortex? I suppose this ability would replace minelayer, maybe in this way:

Passive: Increased ammo recovery

Ammo turns into mines, one dealing corrosive, one radiation, one viral and one gas at 100% proc chance- possibly multiplying damage by ammo recovery. For example, regular ammo for shotguns give 20 I think which would deal regular modded damage  but if you put on Shotgun Ammo recovery or with the passive it would give like 70-80, and its damage would be multiplied more with some cap of course. 

A higher ranged (12m at max rank) Vortex pulls in ammo, each tick of damage has its multiplier at 200% and Ammo spawning from enemies killed in Vortex are doubled. All enemies affected by vortex take damage. A cap to how much enemies could be pulled of course. Same everything else. 

Bastille would give survival buff, DR or armor. No cap. Same everything else.

4th: Huge ammo box the size of a dropship. Whatever. Oh, spawns little ammo boxes with legs, the size of a natural roach. Enemies stomp on it and if they do, I believe they die? Also Vauban turns into an ammo box but with no legs. Of course he get pulled by Vortex. He becomes one with Ammo, as all things should be. 

Mirage 2nd: Something to create light and dark. 

Two birds, one stone


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