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Number thread.


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So there's a woman who loves purple. Like, #*!%ing loves it.

Purple doors. Purple curtains. Purple panties. Purple soaps. Purple everything.

She drives a purple car and even asked her boss permission to paint her office purple.

Her least favorite movie is The Purple People Eater, because it gives the color a bad name.

One day a guy stops by her large purple house (it's hard to miss) and knocks on the purple door.

"Hi, do you have a spare room?"

"As a matter of fact I do," says the woman in a purple dress. She leads him through the purple door, into the purple hallway, and past another purple door. And another purple door. She finally stops by the purple door at the end of the purple hallway.

"Here you are."

The guy goes through the purple door, into the purple room, and unpacks his suitcase into a purple dresser. At the end of the night, he lays down in the purple bed and rests his head on the purple pillow.

The next day, he hears the woman screaming.


He gets out of the purple bed, gets his clothes from the purple dresser, and goes out the purple door into the purple hallway. He finds his way to the kitchen and sits down at the purple table.

The woman opens the purple cupboard and pulls out two boxes of cereal: Wheaties and Cheerios. She sets them on the purple table.

"What would you like?"

The man considers for a moment before finally responding: "Cheerios."

The woman smiles.

"So it's true: 2 out of 3 do prefer Cheerios over Wheaties."

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