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DE, please stop making prime gold look dingy


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Zhuge Prime, Stradavar Prime, Jindou Prime Syandana.

These are all prime items, and you'd expect them to have that nice, clean gold on them, but what you get is a dingy looking metal, that even with the same colors, does not match any other primes. It looks bad. It's more of a bronze than a gold at this point. I was very disappointed when I bought the Jindou Prime Syandana, only to find out it doesn't match any of my prime frames or armor. Stopping the use of this "prime bronze" would be amazing, fixing the items you already put it on would be even better. If players want their gold to be darker, they can use color palettes for that.

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3 hours ago, GentlePuppet said:

You know, you could also argue the opposite. If players wanted shiny clean gold they could use a color palette for that.

You really can't. The metal dulls all colors.

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