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Secondary Mods Seem Excessive


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I'll keep this simple.

Rifles can get a 150% boost to damage, and 90% multishot.

Shotguns can get a 150% boost to damage, and 120% multishot.


Secondary weapons can get a 220% boost to damage, and 180% multishot.

Does this seem like too much to anyone else? We have a number of secondary weapons that already beat primary weapons in term of damage dealing. Do we really need this as well? Now, I know I'm leaving a bunch of other mods out of the equation, but the base damage mods affect elemental and (I believe) crit damage, so I'd say this still has a profound effect on weapon balance. Is it any surprise that weapons like Despair and Acrid are so widely used, considering that they can get such bonuses on top of their already good stats?


(apologies if I got the numbers slightly off, I keep alt-tabbing to check the wiki for the stats, and then my browser window closes for some reason)

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You haven't played any battlefield game, have you?


I have actually, but in battlefield the secondaries usually only then do be good at close ranges after that the loose their ability to compete with  primaries(excluding the 44 magnum) where in Warframe secondaries can match or exceed primaries at longer range combat

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well it's better than secondary weapons being weak as hell like they are other games


I disagree.


Secondaries and sidearms should be a last resort for when your long gun isn't available.


Buff rilfe mods , dont touch secondary mods.


I'd rather see the reverse.

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I say no. Buff primary mods instead of nerfs,


It's a question of whether you want the game to be easier, or more of a challenge, and it's sure as hell not primaries that are making most content out to be of trivial difficulty.


Buff primaries and to maintain difficulty level, you need to buff mission/enemy ranks, which is the same as nerfing everything.


It's much easier to reduce the power of secondaries, which will achieve precisely the same net effect, with less work.

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