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What if you could hire Corpus/Grineer units and/or breed Infested/Sentient units?


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So, i was thinking about something, and i thought i would share it with you:

What would happen if we, Tenno, could be able to hire a Grineer or a Corpus to help us, or breed an Infested or a Sentient to aid us to battle?

For the Grineer/Corpus one, we could get different type of units (like, Noxes, Nullifiers Crewmans, Bombards, Techs, Napalms, etc.), give them any weapons we want (with damage boosted if the weapon is from the same faction, es. a Tech that uses a Lenz, or a Scorch with Ignis Wraith), and give them mods that boosts them.

On the Infested/Sentient side, we could choice what type of unit we want (Battalysts, Conculysts, Toxic Ancients, Tar Mutalist MOAs, etc.) and use mods to give them a certain damage type or increase their health/armor.

What do you think?

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