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Resistant of the Color Bug Update (MoonlessKavatSkin)


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Hello , as we all know the update 25 (?) bring back with it a lots of color bugs (wich seem all fixed now).

But look like we have a resistant , however since i don't see people talking about that i've start to think it was a client-side issue (or nobody care about it ^^) , so now the bug :

It with the Moonless kavat skin , about the glowing area , i've make 2 screen for show you , also note it's not my color choice but for the purpose of the test i've put "rubedo red" on every slot ,but bug occur with any color) :

How it should be :


And the render after pressing return or taking rubedo red again :

As you can see the "glowing" part always turn yellow again.

So it's only for me or a general bug ? if some Tennos can try for confirm that it would be cool.

Have a nice day.

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It's actually not only the moonless pattern, the energy color is bugged on all of them and seems to be linked to the "a" appearance tab. The energy color sets itself to a "placeholder" color, for example my kavat should have a yellow energy color, confirmed by the ki'teer sekhara, but right now is bugged on blue.

On top of that, there's also another bug where the appearance keeps resetting on the "a" tab if you're using the "b" or "c" one, you'd have to go through the arsenal each and everytime you get back to the orbiter to make it use the right appearance tab

And of course there's also the bug where your kavat doesn't show the right energy color and instead the "placeholder" one when you're not the host.


Here hope this is helpful and gets fixed ASAP.

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