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Sortie 1st Mission doesn't count


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So for the last week, I'd log on and play the sortie, but every day for the last 7 or 8 days, there's a message that says, "Can not update profile information", and when I go to select the next mission, the Sortie tab doesn't allow me to select the second mission. In fact, it says that I didn't even complete the first mission and all of the affinity and items (resources, mods, etc.) that I earned don't appear in my inventory. It acts as if I never completed the mission at all. Today, when I saw the message, it still let me get through to the second and third missions of the sortie, but after the 3rd mission, I never got a reward and the game said that I didn't do any of the missions at all. I kept the items and affinity for the 2nd and 3rd missions, but again, the 1st one never counted.

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