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Wukong Deluxe: Hotfix 25.5.1 + 25.5.2

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16 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed an issue where you could install duplicate Mods in loadouts using an exploit.  

Can you please now add "equipped in somewhere" dot on mods even if we don't have that mod in current loadout !? for these reasons:

  • I cannot see equipped mods on trade screens if they are not equipped on anything i currently use.
  • I cannot see if a mod equipped anywhere else in my arsenal while in mods screen

even the best, put the dots aside and replace them a "equipped on …" hover-on warning with persistent background "already equipped" image. just like you already have it when trying to mod robotics&companions with the same mods we use on frame weapons, just add extra "equipped on …" message. and use this also on trade screens.

by the way, I am hoping this fix you mention is also about venari versus pets using same mods 😄 yesterday I was trying new mods on my builds and thought it was something you intend to 😛  I will check their mods in a while back in game. and if not you need to check that too.

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7 minutes ago, DarthZilla said:

2nd arcane doesn't remain equipped after this update

Why not? They can hotfix it next time .... Positive is they will know how to do it in difference of years lasting bugs ...

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2 minutes ago, Randall_Tanner said:

Thanks for the fix!

After Wukong rework you guys fixed that the sprint toggle switch of after using some abilities, I have the same problem with Inaros, could you change that on him too please? Thanks!

Its changed randomly for years..they have no clue how it works....

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For some reason I am getting extreme lag on the whole PC when starting Warframe and clicking to enter the password field. It basically stops everything every .25 seconds. It is fine after I log in. so I have no idea what is happening.

Edit: seems to be better after reboot. If anyone is seeing this try rebooting as well 

Edited by Bhyd
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37 minutes ago, ToKeSia said:

you won't see it at least 20 years

5 minutes ago, Milinko said:

Melee 3.0

In the rate of the content dought going on, we'll be lucky we even see Railjack this year. "this fall" is just terrible. Autumn 2019 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Monday 23 September. This means no content until then. As for Melee 3.0 they not even got Railjack done, so don't expect Melee 3.0 any time this year.

Have fun waiting.


18 minutes ago, Swagernator22663 said:

People thanking for broken arcane slot lol.

They'll thank for anything 


but no worry, its a bug that get quickly fixed soon!

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ty for the hotfix but in the new update frames arcane slots have bug now. i cant put a second arcane slot. everytime i put an arcane on the second slot and go out and in arsenal again the slot is empty. this is happening for all my frames.

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52 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed an issue where you could install duplicate Mods in loadouts using an exploit. 

Thanks to various people. You know who you are. 

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Maybe it's just me but DE are behind 'schedule' with a lot of the new content we're supposed to be getting and then they waste time setting up custom stuff for this event....  wouldn't be so bad if it was a 'copy paste' of an old event where we could get some of the older stuff if we weren't here but this is basically new content which took time from the main updates we're all waiting on.

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