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Wukong Deluxe: Hotfix 25.5.1 + 25.5.2


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I'm torn here DE.  


On the positive, this is a fun summer event, the barrier to entry is low, and the rewards are pretty good.  Mostly cosmetics, but anybody can appreciate the game and there's no gear check.  


On the negative....Wow.  

1) Rewards from Nakak are a joke.  5 minutes for 50 reward is 10 reward a minute.  The cost for one reward is 1000, so you've got 100 minutes of grind, or 20 rounds, to get the captura.  Add in the other stuff, and to just get one of everything is a 5+ hour grind.

2) Performance doesn't lead to rewards.  I kill 10 executioners or 100, I get the same 50 pearls on the highest difficulty.  You're incentivizing people to kill one or two and then run in large circles to kill time.  

3) The rewards are pretty depressing.  400 point for a beach ball, at 10 points per minute, is 40 minutes for a beach ball.  At minimum wage, I could work a job and buy a cheap beach ball for less time investment than you ask for a virtual one.



I get the logic.  You're giving us the opportunity to earn in-game power during the event, with these rewards being pretty easy to obtain.  You're hiding cosmetics behind a grind wall, where only "hardcore" grind players will earn them.  The problem is that there isn't a reward for performance, only grind time.  You're telling us our time in building skill is not valuable, we're only as valuable as how much time we spend.

Please, stop.  The first half of this event was great....then you get to the grind at the end.  It's like getting a nice cupcake, but discovering the cake beneath a certain point is charred and inedible.  So close to amazing, then somebody threw in failure at the end so the entire experience is worse.  Sigh.

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On 2019-08-02 at 4:04 PM, --Q--Animan8000 said:

cool but what about raids (trials)?

Keep waiting, they'll bring all that back when they bring back manual blocking and wall running.  DE doesn't care about what you or any veteran player wants. 

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While I find this Tac Alert amusing and fun, the grind for the rewards is ridiculous, if the rewards for the final mission were better it would be less of a grindfest, I dont have a problem working for the rewards, but theres working for a reward and theres grinding a mission to the point of burnout, just to get enough pearls for one freaking floof.

On 2019-08-03 at 12:59 AM, UncaIroh said:

Fun tac alert. I just wish enemies would drop pearls in mission 4 so it isn't a crazy grind.

Agree, just one pearl dropped per soak, would aleviate the grind immeasurably

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В 03.08.2019 в 22:11, Tristan_GER сказал:

Yes, i love those people too. /s -

From Index today, no shot, no points, only move to the energy- or health orbs... and if you ask them for help, you get answers like this "why? the team won't lose money, so i get my money too. so boys, running and bring me my money!" Lovely chilling peoples, after  a long week, yes 😉

Play. Freaking. Premade. Or solo. 

I never play Index in a pub because people if not leeching are dumber than that health orb, they manage to lose half matches and half take them approx 2 times longer than I would alone on myself because naturally its way faster to get 20 points alone. 

They have a reason to play pub to leech, but you dont. So stop. 

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On 2019-08-05 at 9:10 AM, AnarchyChan said:

Afk players ruin this event, admins should remove all their rewards, and rather ban from event, or make their nakak points negative.

How bout no.  
If they're doing in a public game its pretty S#&$ty, but most are doing it solo so they dont affect others games.

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DE filing for bankruptcy soon or something? Is Space Mom leaving DE?
The amount of FOMO grind 'content' combined with the lackluster collections, has me concerned. Okay, I'm cynical on days that I'm not sarcastically cynical but, soon we'll be getting new Warframes to distract us, new skins and new weapons that will require additional forma just for proper testing/building. The cycle, within the entire industry is getting old REALLY fast, but I've got hope that 'exploits' will be the least of DE's concerns when it comes to the FOMO events.

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On 2019-08-03 at 7:09 PM, ---EG---Kramer said:

At the start of PoE, it was possible to scan it without stoping the turbin (1 little zone on the map, it was possible)... Dunno if they have fixed it yet, but maybe it can help 😉

Lol no not anymore. Many people have tried to scan it but it won't work.

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