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Using Equinox Prime's Composite Form in missions


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Okay, so basically...

I am a HUGE fan of Equinox Prime so far. I love the designs of all three forms, and I'm sure many others feel the same. However!
Recently, we got the option to toggle Excalibur Umbra's scarf and robes on and off. Equinox Prime's composite form is extremely well designed, but we never get to see much of it at all since we're always in missions! Would it be possible to toggle changing forms in missions in favor of the composite form? 

There are several arguments against this that I'm sure people will make. 

"We don't need composite form, Equinox already has 6 different abilities" - This is solely cosmetic, and wouldn't actually add three more abilities to Equinox & Equinox Prime's loadouts.'

"It could be impractical, because the forms indicate what abilities you're using and it could easily become confusing" - That's why it would be toggleable! If you would rather use separate forms to minimize confusion, then that's fine! But for people who want to see the Composite Form more, there would be the option for that as well. Alternatively (Though I don't wan't DE to have to work too hard just for my silly suggestion to happen) there could be an indicator of what form you're in on the HUD next to the HP/Shields bar or something of the sort!

Please DE, I beg of you, let this be a thing. :,)


- Dazed

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