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Falsely suspended!



I was suspended yesterday for not knowing what the so-called "N-Word" is and wanting to know it. I literally, exactly, precisely typed, speculating what it is: "Does the N-word mean November Uniform Delta Echo Sierra?" After hitting [ENTER] the chat "froze". No replies, no new messages, no nothing from Region Chat! The next day, I press [T], and [TAB]bed to Region chat, seeing it say: Your access to this channel has been suspended. I only spelled out NATO... "words" for each letter (A=Alpha, B=Bravo, C=Charlie, D=Delta, E=Echo, F=Foxtrot and so on) I thought the N-Word stood for. Is there any way to un-suspend me from this?

I used the same NATO tactic on (Golf Alpha Yankee) (commonly frowned-upon sexuality) and got away with it.

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