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(Wukong Concept) Additional Augment Ideas


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          Celestial Twin

          -Royal Guard: Wukong’s Twin now takes X% of all damage dealt to Wukong, and when directly damaged, will grant Wukong and his allies an X% Armor bonus for X seconds. Wukong may now command his duplicate to use Defy independently of himself.

         -Celestial Brothers: Wukong now has two Celestial Twins, with one now exclusively attacking at range while the other attacks only in melee. Every kill with either grants Wukong an X% increase in Critical Chance or an X% increase in Critical Damage.

           *-One-Thousand Kings: If Wukong or his Twin are ever damaged, there is an X% that another Twin will be created. This duplicate only exists for X seconds and has only 50% of Wukong’s Health. However, upon expiring or being destroyed, will afflict in-range enemies with a random debuff.

·        Radial Disarm – Within X-meters, strips up to 10 enemies of their weapon

·        Radial Armor Sunder – Reduces up to 5 enemy’s Armor by X%

·        Radial Blind – Blinds all enemies with X-meters

·        Radial Pilfer – Causes enemies to drop Health and Energy orbs



          -Dark Cloud: Enemies that Wukong passes through are now Blinded for X-seconds and are marked. If killed, Wukong is granted an X% Energy cost reduction for his next use of Cloudwalker. If killed by a Finisher, Wukong’s next Cloudwalker has no energy cost.

           -Windwalker: After Cloudwalker ends, Wukong and his allies gain an X% bonus to Parkour abilities, Wall Latch, and Aim Glide that lasts for X-seconds.

           *-Nimbus: Even after the ability’s duration has ended, Wukong may remain in Cloudwalker for an extended period of time. Costing him X-Energy a second for upkeep. However, Wukong now blocks 100% of enemy ranged damage while in Cloudwalker.



          Rebel: Wukong now creates an additional Celestial Twin to perform Defy in his place, freeing him to escape or attack enemies. Or, cast Defy again to re-take part in Defy, but now with three instances of the ability.

           Imperial Defy: Wukong now absorbs damage dealt to all allies within X-meters, while also granting up to 700 Armor to them once he completes Defy.

         *-Defy Sevenfold: Upon casting Defy, Wukong now summons 6 additional duplicates around himself, allowing him to absorb damage x6 more than normal. At the end of Defy, instead of performing an AoE spin attack, each Sevenfold duplicate performs a single Finisher strike against the nearest enemy. Favoring attacking those with the highest Health total.


 Primal Rage

          -Compliant Rod: Upon dismissing his Iron Staff, Wukong now hands the weapon off to his Celestial Twin for X-seconds. This maintains his Melee Combo as well as any other boons from Mods or other AugmentsSee Below.

          -Burning Rage: Iron Staff loses its innate range bonus. Instead gaining an X% chance upon striking an enemy to cause an AoE Heat burst within X-meters that Staggers and has a guaranteed Heat Effect. This also ignites Wukong’s staff to add X Heat damage and grants back an X% Range bonus.

           *-Golden Staff: Iron Staff loses its Range bonus, converting it entirely into Critical Chance and Critical Damage. Primal Rage also absorbs X% of damage dealt by Wukong, and upon Wukong activating his next Defy, converts it to Armor. This bonus can exceed the 1500 Armor limit.


Been playing a lot of Wukong since the rework and the release of his Prime version. He's probably one of my favorites right now, and has become one of the more interesting Warframes available right now. 

As far as Augments go, however, his aren't the most interesting to me. Even Celestial Stomp, as great fun as it is, I have a tendency to forget about and just favor casting Defy. Augments in general are hit or miss in Warframe, and I think the whole system needs a good long look at. As we either have hilariously useless Augments, or ones that are so necessary to making a power viable, that they really should be added into a rework of the Warframe's ability kit.

As for all the Xs... well, I'm not really sure on what numbers would be balanced, so I'm open to hearing speculation on what they might be. 

Oh, the * marks my favored Augment, even if i'd like to see all of these added in.

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