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I'm sure DE is probably already aware of this but encountered a few glitches after Switch Update


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For the record, I am super happy with the new update, everything runs great, but there's been a number of weird stuff happening. I've listed them below:

1) When mining/going after animals in the open worlds (Orb Vallis, PoE), the "dots" for mining and the animal's footprints don't show up. I had to blindly guess where they are and sometimes, neither even show up when I locate the mining spot or call the animal.

2) Before update, you could see yourself on the map via a little white triangle. But now, there's either a blue dot that doesn't really track you well or nothing at all. This has happened on both open worlds and doing missions. 

3) I haven't been hit with the Operator face glitch thankfully, but maybe that's because it has gone to some of the NPC'S. Some of them look all shiny and distorted while some don't even show up at all while on the small screen in the corner (it's just a black rectangle but you can still hear them speak and the words show up still). 

Idk if any other Switch players are having similar issues. I'm hugely sorry for complaining. Believe me I'm super grateful to DE, Warframe, and the Warframe community, but these blips are making the game not as fun. Again, I'm sure DE is aware and are working "hek"ing hard to fix them (thank you in advance!) 

Thanks for reading my long rambling. Sorry again!

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