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Warframe/excalibur Prime Texture Bug?


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Heya Warframe community (and DE, really hope you guys read this)


 **[ALSO I apologize if I put this in the wrong area of the forums, wasn't quite certain where to post this, bare with me]


Not sure if I've been the only one, and it hasn't been too big an issue 'till now, but lately, this has become a major eye-sore. 






-and it's been happening on and off every single run I do, and it sticks this way when I go into a Dojo (if the bug strikes that is) 


Any way to fix this? My graphics card is fine, my computer can run this game with maxed everything. Connection issue maybe? 


If it isn't me, and just a general texture bug in Warframe, could you all be kind enough to make this big enough to get some attention for those of us afflicted with the constant smearing of our beloved Warframe textures?

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