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Riven for "3x combo multiplier" seems to require solo mode


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While unlocking rivens, I had some difficulty with one that read, "maintain a 3x combo multiplier for at least 30 seconds, with an active sentinel."

I equipped some combo duration mods (Body Count, etc.), went to Apollodorus on Mercury (Survival, infested) in Public game mode, and maintained a 3x combo multiplier for about 4 minutes.  My sentinel (Helios Prime) was still active.  The riven stayed locked.

I repeated the same mission on solo mode with no changes to my loadout and the riven unlocked just as expected after 30 seconds at a 3x multiplier.  The only difference I can think of between the 2 attempts is that the first attempt was in a group and the second attempt was not.  (I don't remember whether I was the group leader or not, on the first attempt.)

So it seems like either: A) an extra requirement is being enforced for this riven mod, or B) some text is missing from it. 

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