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cosplay help?


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Looking to do a cosplay of hildryn however i am not sure if this is the best thing to do since this is my first ever cosplay and looking for advice. She looks amazing and id love to cosplay as her. besides fabrics what other kind of materials would i need? Leds for some of the lights but not sure what else. 

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hello h52WHA,

I'm not verse in Cosplay making but as a fellow 3D print fan I could guess an easy way :

  1. Choose the Most identifiable part for printing : I think her Head, some Arms and signature Balefire charger :
  2. For the head, you can do the whole helmet of use an comfortable existing one and adding printed element.
  3. For the Body, a classic Hulk costum : a simple padded cloth; with good colors and black to enhance the bulky effect
  4. For the Arms upper parts, stick to the costume. For the Gauntlets parts : Copy Ironman build process.
  5. With a transparent plexiglas/polycarbonat and the Balefire print, You could also make her shields. Which could be as Impressive as making meza guns.

If you had any concern : As you already know Go in captura Mode to get a real closer look to Hildryn (the Color key selled at Simaris one is great for screen capture).


The Cool shields of the Big Girl ... so Balefire charger should be a good first step in ?!



A Similar process with mesa.



Hope to see your first prototype, Good Luck and have a good day tenno friend,


PS : Do you want to do Hildryn with her original color or the bright Red and Green of yours ?

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