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Shinobi of Dark Arts, is a clan full of grind, tears of joy, fun clan... Keep reading fool


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And yes we are active. We are of only 8 members. I kept it small, but now I the leader has decided to expand my family. Make more tenno babies. Lol I'm jk. 

But really... We want funny ppl, diverse species. Yes... If your a monkey intelligent enough to play warframe and your reading this weird post.... Mate your in the right place, come on over we will invite you. 

All our research is complete. The pigments is 99% complete. And I'm the only one who decorates the dojo. So.... If your a bobie the 👷 it's a bonus. But believe me you'll love my art. 

If you're still reading till this part. Then I want to hug you. We accept you just as long as your 15 n older, mics are a bonus. N if you got jokes. Don't care if you died a million times in a mission if u make me laugh I'll pick ya up. If it was a dead joke...... ⚰ dead!!! Just joking. I'm only teasing. 

So hop on over my future sons n daughters join my cause.

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