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A Plethora of Visual Bugs After The Update


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Just listing down what I've encountered so far.

  • Chests flash white on Earth.
  • The floor of my orbiter flickers like mad when I stand near the arsenal
  • The range of Khora's dome (skill 4) appears as if it's 100% or less though I have 190%. This happened on Earth too and I double checked my mods.
  • Operator's face is distorted.
  • Location marker of myself is gone on minimap.
  • Mining dots disappeared in Fortuna. (Can't mine at all now)
  • Decoration menu in both Dojo and orbiter stops showing the button mapping


I'll add on if I've discovered more. 

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I also have one:

The decorate function opens the small box with the controls for placing decorations and exiting the decoration screen, but the box doesn't display the buttons but the command lines
And the same thing is for all the other controls when you have a decoration selected.

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Add another one (that began with plains remaster and progressively got worse with each update): black "splotches" on bloom effects, sometimes resulting in red/yellow/completely black boxes around where the bloom should be. Had to disable bloom

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Oh, and I still see lighting issues in a lot of corpus maps, notably where certain doors will be brightly lit even though there are no lights near it, and the rest of the room and frame around the door are all dark.  But that issue existed before this update.  I think the Switch port has some lighting issues in general, effecting various things.

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