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[Warframe Concept] Valraven : Wind Warframe


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EDIT : I'll move the topic to fan concepts, sorry for the mistake.
As i don't know if there's another way to do it, i'll copy paste. Please lock this one.


Valraven, as Ember is the fire dancer, is the wind one. 


(Valraven is a mystic hybrid bird from the danish folklore)


Health : 100 - 250

Shields : 200 - 300 

Armor : 20

Power : 150 - 250


Skills : 


biting breeze - energy 25 - Blows a long and narrow wind corridor that deals high spamming damage to enemies for three seconds (4/5/7) and pushes them to the ground. 


Thrust - energy 50 - Generates a wind armor, increasing movement and melee attacks speed, giving low gravity effect (during ascensions) and reducing stamina costs of any action, for Valraven and any nearby Tenno.


Upwind - energy 75 - Aoe debuff : In a wide area, Valvaren blows a strong wind, slowing down the enemies and their bullets, reducing their weapon's competences for a limited time (6/8/10/12 sec - Valvaren can move during the skill)


Wings of the crow - energy 100 - Deploys great wings, giving high speed movement to Valraven, who pushes any enemy getting in his way with strenght, in a flying dance. Any jump, any melee attack blows strong wind scythes as the skill is active.

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