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MR 12 Bug


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Whilst testing out the MR 12 test at Cephalon Simaris I was on Wukong (Prime), using his Cloud Walker Ability to go straight up from where I started, when I got a white screen as if I fell off the map  (normal so far), then when I respawned, I spawned on the outer circle instead of the original platform, avoiding all the lasers w/o issues and the invisible wall kept me there. 

I tried recreating it a couple of times, each time was successful as long as I did it once an enemy spawned. 

If required I can try to get this on a video.

Edit 2: I found out I can do it Valkyr (Prime) using her Rip Line


Step by Step:

1) Equip Wukong (Prime)/ Valkyr (Prime)

2) Qualify/Train for MR12 at Cephalon Simaris

3) Wait  for a couple of seconds until the enemies spawn

4) Use cloudwalker/Rip Line to go upwards roughly in  the direction of the top of the central tower

5) Respawn on the outer ring (not what should happen)


I did not try this with other frames as of yet.

Edit 3: after testing with about 3/4 frames You can use this exploit with some bullet jumping skills

It happens when you can reach the red encircled area (Ivara uses her 2nd Arrow with the string so you can walk up the rope for an easier bullet jump; Valkyr Zip Lines up there; Wukong flies up etc.)



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