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Kind of a new weapon system suggestion(idea)?


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First of all, Hello to all amazing Warframe community. It's my first post so i am kinda excited. I'm a big fan of the game as a founder who has been playing the game since closed beta. So lets get started :)


I want to share with you a long-standing idea of the use of weapons in Warframe. Many of us consider the strength of the weapon in front of its playing style when choosing weapons, which is natural. For example, when a player wants to use the braton against high-level enemies, he often needs a really strong riven mode or with a simple riven he has to turn to a stronger weapon.


Frankly, although I don't know how seriously the DEVS will take it, I want to share with you. In my system I'm talking about a new mode-like system that will bring a new style of play to all weapons in the game. Although this system is similar to the stance slot in melee weapons, it will not use polarity and will not give a positive polarity limit. Instead it will simply give the gun a simple additional skill or a new style of play.


To get this system, of course, you'll have to obtain from a certain place in the game. If you ask how this will be, depending on the type and MR of the gun, it can be dropped, purchased or found from certain places within the game. For example, this style mode for Braton can be purchased from Steel Meridian and will give you a new mini-mission (like riven mode, but longer.) Simply put, kill 1000 enemies with headshot etc. as. Here, of course, the diversification of the task can be increased.


So let me explain a few examples in mind for people who ask what will be the difference from riven mod to make it clearer:


-Amprex (Style Mode -Voltage): Killing more than 2 enemies within 1 second with Amprex gives 5% ability strength. stacks 5 time. - To unlock this mode, you must get a data that drops from corpus bosses of %x chance. and then kill "x" enemies with electric damage to unlock and use completely.


- Corinth (upclose and personal): After hitting all 5 bullets, he gains a 6th bullet and deals all damage done by other bullets at close range. - In order to turn on this mode you need to find a module that has a chance of% x of the locked safes in orokin derelict. After receiving the module you will need to complete the spy task of "x" number.


-Dera (piercing shot mode): offers an alternative shot option for Dera. When used in this mode, it fires a shot similar to opticor for 10 rounds but is weaker. - In order to obtain this mode, a module of 125k standing is taken from the perrin sequence, and then you have to kill x number of enemy faction troops with Dera when they invade anybody in party.


-Sybaris (in the rhytm): Headshot and critic damages add a punch through effect to the sybarise. each kill 0.6 stacks 5 times. - In order to take this mode, you have %x chance on dropped by punch through killed enemies with sybaris. To unlock the module x headshot kill will be needed.


-Miter (Giant Slayer): Miter inflicts much more damage to heavy enemies. - Obtained from Steel Meridan for 125k  and to unlock completely kill "x" boss.


-Grakata (Duty Calls): Grakata hits 1% of the enemy's health for each bullet. If this number is greater than the damage of the normal bullets, the bullet is not spent and reloaded immediately.. - To obtain its module completing Clem Missions %x chance to drop this. To unlock it completely you will have to wait Special Mission from Clem.


-Opticor (Echo shot): Repeats the same shot after 2 seconds if the enemy is killed with a single bullet. - Module can be obtain from the Orb Vallis Bounties which completed with all bonus rewards. To activate the module, it must be completed with x bounty with bonuses.


-Hind (full auto): adds alternative "auto" mode to hind.. - Grineer enemies has to %x  chance to drop this module. To unlock completely x amount of grineer must be killed with Hind.


Hystrix (Spining wheel): Hystrix replaces the quill itself according to enemy chosing strongest elemental dmg and receives %x extra damage for the reloaded magazine. %x damage applies only to the first magazine.- Module taken from



-Twin Vipers (the quick and the dead): When the magazine of primary weapon is finished,  Twin Vipers withdrawn without holster time and if it kills a enemy, reload the primary immediately and swapped again to it with no holster time.


I actually thought of a special style for each weapon, but I don't want to bore you by writing each of them here. I can write a lot more if you want. The reason I share this is whether you would like such a system in the game, and I would like to know how useful it would be for you. Thank you for reading.(sorry for grammar mistakes and so...)

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Some weapon has special ability that doesn't fit in. Ballistica prime and  rakta are silencer weapons, but their special abilities make it impossible to use in covert ops missions.and synoid heliocor has crit chance too low, having  difficulties for using special abilities.

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