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Dog days brings ideas for decor


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This was neat. Ive been going back to leveling up non prime frames and farming ivara harrow atlas saryn nekros and trinity. If you bought them you'll never know the pain. last few days so this was a welcomed break. The point to this however is my love for the squirt gun. It be a cool gear item. Prolly won't happen because people will go crazy in relays and what not. But a pool noodle would be cool for melee. I think some cosmetics like fortuna ticker has. would be dope for this. a squirt gun in the corner of the obirter, with the assassin's weapons on wall mounts like the fish. Whom wouldn't like these. Since I'm no one important we have to make these hype to see new things. Like why haven't we got a new ship. Not a skin but whole new ship and air support drop. Maybe a Cat Or dog breed. Even some more holstering styles like a rifle hip holstering like mtsg survive.

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