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A quick Atlas rework suggestion (short)


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I believe its impossible to make Rubble Wall useful, so, lets remove it completely, and replace it with his current ultimate "Rubblers". 


So, i'd also like to suggest a new ultimate ability

Tremors: Atlas movement shakes the ground, slowing, damaging and eventualy knocking down enemies. 

Damage: 500/s + 100% of bonus armor from passive

Range: 10m

Energy Cost: 25 cast , 3/s

Effect: Enemies within 10 meters of atlas, are slowed by 20% scaling up to 100% over 5 seconds. When that happens, the enemies are knocked down, and the slow counter restarts as soon as they get on their feet again.


Augment: The effect applies to the Rubblers, but only half as strong.


Power Strength affects Damage dealt, and starting slow strength.

Range affects range (obviusly)

Duration affects only the drain cost.

Bonus armor from passive affects Damage and starting Slow Strength

IMPORTANT NOTE: The numbers i used are only an example, please do not comment "5 seconds is too short and would make atlas overpowered and bla bla bla" its just a general idea with random numbers, it could be 10 seconds, it could be 20 seconds it could be 1000 damage/s it could be a lot of things, that i have not tested, and only DE can test if they want. 

Let me know with what you agree and with what you disagree, post your own ideas, and leave constructive critisism.


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15 hours ago, AtrociousRuber said:

I believe its impossible to make Rubble Wall useful, so, lets remove it completely


I don't think you've played enough Atlas if you think that

His wall is a good idea and could be infinitely useful if it was much wider, a bit taller and had more HP

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that atm Gara's 4th ability is the only one that can physically stop enemies beside Atlas's 2. It's a great mechanic, allows for defense and zoning both melee and ranged enemies.

The only problem it currently has is again... it's tiny and doesn't last very long. Give it the aforementioned buffs so it's big enough to cover like, entire Grineer ship hallways and remove the ability to launch it, you're golden.

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