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Abritration Ideas

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Turning drones into insect like drones (one flies, other crawls) that Attach to Warframes through a link like trinity, spawns increased. Can be CC'd

Drones the flies have increased movement speed

These Drones provide enemies with increased damage by making Warframes vulnerable to a damage multiplier (3x-4x) and reduces health by a percentage (50-70%)- does not stack


Insect Drone crawls on walls, it can multiply itself once in similar ways to a Brood Mother to produce 4 total Crawling Insect Drones from one Crawling Insect Drone spawn

They move fast just like the other drone, and attach to Warframes like Jesters do. 

When attached, it pulls aggro to this Warframe- it marks them

The mark last for a brief duration after the insect is removed, like a poison


Similar  to Fortuna's alert system, an alert system based on kill efficiency that will make enemies spawn faster. Max lvl of increased spawn rate would be 5 just like the alert. Unlike the alert system, this does not go down. 


The Hunter:

New enemy like a manic/ demolyst that instead of CC immunity, they're immune to damage for a short period. Gets in fast, takes you out fast. Spawns in high numbers. Very mobile, just like a Warframe. Number of spawns would be directly affected by the lvl of the alert (5 spawns per new wave) and would priortize Warframes marked by the Insect Drone. Immune to finisher damage. 

Has a decoy bomb that runs slower than the real Hunter. If shot at, the Bomb explodes and deals both effects from the drones to anyone near the blast radius. 

Each lvl of the alert system adds more speed

Hunters will always try to go behind Warframes

These guys drop 400 kuva per kill with a multiplier of 2 at max alert lvl


General enemies:

Increased movement speed, faster than normal enemies and they have better tracking, meaning that the enemy sense mod would be innate as to increase movement from spawn towards Warframes

All enemies have a red device on their legs, just to create difference between enemies on other missions

Allow color changes for the drone links to be changed in an Abritration setting


Revive System:

Make a gear that can vacuum this things up, it has a shield similar to the sentinel sanctuary revive mod. All shards would be glowing red through obstacles and what not. Cannot pick shards up by walking near them without this gear. 

Gear available from Arbritation shop for 0 vitus


New mod:

Crouching lets you see enemies through obstacles (30 m range)


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