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Steam achievements not correct,any one?


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Good day tennos.

First thing im sorry for my bad english

I having a really annoying problem when looking to my STEAM warframe achievements,is not correct to my warframe account.

(Lock achievement) Like ''Savior of Venus'' ''No witnesses'' god! >1000h play, are you kidding.

I did again and again - no hope. 

By the beauty of Lotus anyone can help with this please.

Much Obliged.5a461b7db4a855397557b8f2d71ed4af-full.jp




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This has been an issue for years. I played this game before it came to Steam so had some Warframe achievements and they synced to Steam when i linked my account but 2 achievements didn't. The achievements i'm missing is "Saviour of Venus" and "No Witnesses" Kinda grinds my gear but i guess i'll have to live with it.

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