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Dog Days has a few spots where enemies loose tracking when you stand in them


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14 hours ago, skopaniso said:

who gives a S#&$? there other more important things to pay attention to, and you telling us about this pointless event... 

people going AFK is bad as a whole for the game, even for an event like this, it sours everyone's mood and causes more people to go afk, the more people you have not actually playing the game the less appealing it is to actually play. Report anyone who AFKs because they make the game an overall worse place.


Edit: if you do it, at least do it solo so that it doesn't make anyone else's experience worse.

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6 minutes ago, General_Durandal said:

The last time I tried reporting someone I got in trouble, so no.

The last what.....

You know let me check, 24 pages at 30 tickets each, that's 720

So that's on average 700 tickets with reports, many of which afk.

IF done properly, they never get you into trouble, just don't use support for pety revenges, reports with no proof and insisting with support on a matter only they have the final decison

If you anounce ingame that you will report a player and that he needs to start playing to avoid it, some players may do a pety revenge, acuse you of harassment, being toxic and will report you.

The system is in place to prevent those players from being right, i don't know what happened to you, but you need to understand that an afk report may (altough incredibly rare) may end up getting a player banned (players quit warframe before that happens), so you need to do things responsibly, with proof and common sense.

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