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Strun wraith parts unevenly distributed



I play the game religiously, and I always keep myself on top of the strun wraith parts being available like a yandere. I even did this when Nakak would sometimes offer the grineer mask at a rare rate, to which point I stalked that little girl for a month just to get it. Riven sellers also beware, but the point Im trying to point out is that the strun wraith receiver doesnt show up often. I've accumulated 6 of each other part, and yet these receivers showed up 2 times. It's at the point where the market also shows this and the receiver is basically half the price of a 4 part set, that makes the others 1/6th the price of the set (which makes sense when you think how we get 6 of the others per receiver i guess). This is starting to feel like that mcdonalds monopoly game, where they give you 69 park places, and the 1 board walk you need to win is MIA. irl the guy who organized the monopoly thing actually rewarded the winning lots to known people, rigged the contest and took about 30% of the winnings. In warframe, what use is rigging the drops for strun wraith parts?

Can others also confirm this?

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Everything is this way though in Warframe especially with invasions. The Strun Wraith receiver was available 10 days ago on PC.

An example, the Twin Vipers Wraith receiver shows up every 1-2 months.

Latron Wraith blueprint showed up 9 days ago for the first time in 3 months

Snipetron Vandal Blueprint 10 days ago for the first time in 3 months

Karak Wraith Receiver usually shows up every 2 months.


Source if you want where I got the time frame: https://raidtime.net/en/game/tool/warframe/alarm/pc/13e4970b99694f20cf7324335d207cbd

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