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Sanctuary + Shelter Bugs Out When Both Activate


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I play Khora. I have Shelter on Venari.

I also have Helios Prime. I have Sanctuary on him.

I play a rescue mission (A Lith Relic mission if it makes a difference)

I rescue the hostage. He goes in bleed out on the way back. Both Venari's Shelter and Helios Prime's Sanctuary both trigger as expected when I started reviving the hostage. When they trigger, the sentinel/companion glows and tethers to a shiedl around you and the hostage. Both Venari and Helios tethered as expected.

However, this is where it gets weird.

Venari retained the tether and glow effect and ended up pointing at the place where the hostage went into bleed out and was revived. She retained this effect for the entire rest of hte mission.

I did another one and the same thing happened, except Helios ended up with the glow and tether effect.

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