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Nightwave Feedback from a Newer Player


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Hello readers,

I just worked out something to do with Nightwave and wanted to give a bit of Feedback.

So I was very excited to hear that Nightwave was going retroactive. Ie, if you miss some things to do in a week it will roll back for you and give you the past weeks to do. Emphasis here on "weeks" was what I thought.

For a new player there is some Nightwave you cant do.

I have been playing for a decent amount of time, over about the last six month I have about (looks in game) 689 hours, and I am MR 22. But I have been focusing on some things over others. Say for example, I haven't started on Eidolons so I only have one mote. I haven't finished grinding some reputations so I can't do Profit Taker. This I think can be pretty normal to a newer player. I am looking forward to doing that content at some point, but right now I'm collecting, trading, breeding, and learning how to edgelord other parts of the game. And just all round enjoying myself.

So when Nightwave is retroactive, what it really means is, "it is" until "you get cockblocked".

So really now... I'm missing out on a huge chunk of Nightwave because there is just going to be some weeks I can't ever get past. As soon as a Nightwave comes up that is content locked, such as Orb Mother, Profit Taker, Mote gilding, etc. I either have to change the way I play immediately, to do that content, and stop playing the game at my own pace. (I am slowly getting that rep btw, I literally do it just by buying S#&$ from Ticker... slowly but surely, its nice casual afk stuff rather than doing bounties. I only go mining in there for Nightwave or to get the parts for Garuda and other things parts, etc). But there are a lot of players who haven't gotten up to some forms of content. You can play the game for 500 hours and only just defeat the starmapS. Everyone wants to do all the content immediately, but some of us can't, and I think the rollback only helped some of the playerbase rather than all. Same goes for content that is 'too hard'. Not that I find any of it too hard, but I believe some people do. Thats cool, they don't have to do those ones right... well, you are forcing those people to maybe have a bad time if they want to reopen up their prior Nightwave that other players have access to redoing.

I understand the feature was brought in to help people be able to do what they lost.

I would love if the feature allowed this, "even if one was left". It is common that some players can't do one a week. Either its rep locked, or its too hard for some players, etc < which is totally cool, we need that kind of system to keep the vets busy and to show the people playing for years its worth grinding that rep XD. But, if the roll over could begin even if you have one left... or maybe a toggle screen where you can flick back in the weeks. Similar to how you can pick the Wolf of Saturn Six lore to watch by clicking different buttons. It would be great if we could just go back and do "old weeks". Cause say maybe i have missed 3 things in week 1 because I was working. And then say I missed 1 thing in week 2, but I will not be able to do that for #*!%ing ages (maybe not until after Nightwave is over) due to my playstyle and decisions I make when playing the game. You can just laugh and say its my problem to deal with. Which is true. I'm just asking whether this can be something maybe thought about to give players free choice as to what content they want to choose to do, or, just impose that they must do it within your order specifically. Even if they cannot :).

Great game btw... I #*!%ing love it. Dumped so many hours into this beautiful beast, and I love being a player. I love the community, I love trading on warframe.market and I have met a bunch of cool people trading and coming to visit my Dojo. I love breeding Kubrows and finally got a triple rare colour, Bulky Merle not long ago through my efforts. I love the tennogen system and how it supports artists and got pretty emotional when reading this article about it.

But I wanted to give the feedback because, just for me, I'm going to mostly give up on Nightwave because of it. I'll still do it, I want the rewards XD, lol. But I won't "care" about it the same as I once did. Because I don't really have freedom within the system, that I thought I possibly was being given... kinda just feel like I've been cucked and its made me feel a bit sour, lol. So the retroactive thing didn't work for me, as I think it was intended to. There is a good portion of weeks where I just cant do one thing or another. Some weeks, its totally cool and I can smash through the whole thing. But sometimes I'm busy and I can't. I was reading on the reddit that it saves past progress (ie, 5/10) and I think thats awesome that this was included. Those little things are awesome to be so fine tuned.

But for me... with a choice of what gets rolled back, I know, I'm just missing out on a lot. Like i missed things each week this time (whilst i was like +14 ranks past 30 in Wolf, but my situation has changed now which is fine because you have rollback right XD), and I just suddenly realised that I really cant do them :(. [P.S. I blamed work before, and that is it a little bit it (as ive just started night shifts), but also its a little bit Shadowbringers... Warframe is my main game, but Shadowbringers is the new pretty kid on the block and its hard to tell it no sometimes and keep up with both games exactly in the moment XD lol. As a casual game, one of Warframes main pulls is that it can be just jumped in and played whenever. I didnt expect it prior to the announcement of the retroactive feature, but now its in, I kind of expected it to give me it all... aimed too high maybe in my assumption].

Just a consideration for Nightwave 3 if your looking for the feedback.

Again, ty for the great game :).

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I also can't do Profit Taker yet, as I'm waiting for a friend to level up his standing, so we can experience it together. So this week when I completed everything, of Course the Profit Taker was recovered, but also two other weekles I had missed. I believe the only way to really get blocked is, if there are either 3 weekles in one week, that you can't do, or one weekle you can't do for every single week.

You also don't have to gild an amp, you could also gild a Zaw, Kitgun or Moa.

As for the Wolf rewards, I also missed that entire season, as I wasn't playing at that time, but I'm pretty certain all of those will come back at some point.

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Thanks for commenting.

"You also don't have to gild an amp"

The issue with gilding is that all weapons (zaw and kitgun) and the moa are somewhat locked behind this rep acquisition. A newer player just doesn't have this kind of access because it just takes time that you have to dump specifically into that content. It can't be done passively like most things and it cant really be "bought". You have to just go mine / conservation / bounty grind / etc. It was made to be like that to give a new player the feeling of progression.

Some people dislike the open world and if you play with your friends, people don't want to go back and farm bounties with you. Or sit and watch you do mining for hours and hours. To get a lot of the parts for modular items, you need materials which are locked behind rep levels. So some people skip this content if their entire playtime is with their friends. Which is fine, they don't have access to some warframes (garuda, baruuk and hildryn) or to modular items (zaw, kitgun, moa, the new archwings probably, etc). Say to unlock Little Duck, you need to first complete the entire repgrind for Eudico. But this should not affect their ability to do other prior content in nightwave. As me being able to "kill 100 eximus" from last week has nothing to do with me being able to kill profit taker this week < but this is how the current system is set up.

"... if there are either 3 weekles in one week, that you can't do, or one weekle you can't do for every single week."

I think you miss the point. When you recover Profit Taker if you cant do it, it doesnt go back further. I get your point. But nightwave is not 3 weeks long, it is 20 weeks. Say in about 10 out of 20 weeks there is a reputation thing that cycles. Gilding, world boss, etc which is really normal as they are stable parts of the game. But not for a lot of newer players. I am not saying to take them out, I like that they are in there. I am just saying don't make this feature of retroactive nightwave be locked to only those who play "all the games content".

Say i rephrase my point.

"Please breed a bulky merle fur pattern dog once every 4 weeks".

90% of the playerbase would lose their S#&amp;&#036;, because its not everyones playstyle and feel they their nightwave experience is being 'stolen'. This is a fine point, as it is also my argument. I am being asked to do content I can't do yet (not everyone can breed a merle bulky dog without a huge amount of stress, not everyone has achieved higher reputation levels). Fine, but I shouldn't be restricted in opening up other content that I can do because of it. DE wants you to play the game for as much as possibly arguably. Allowing players to do so by giving them and endless loop of prior content they missed is arguably better for playtime hours than locking you from doing that.

Another option that could be taken is to "click to exclude" a nightwave mission. So that it doesnt break your weeks from returning back, the game would register that it was "complete" in terms of flicking back over to the prior week. Most people as you say, can do at least 2/3 weeks no issue. So excluding one every 5-10/20 weeks should be something included in nightwave. Also because some of the Nightwave missions are seen as a chore, some people may just seek to exclude somethings because of effort =/= reward, but want to go back and do other ones they have missed. Making them forced to do content they would rather to avoid (therefore building up dissatisfaction with the game) whilst trying to get to the content they do want to do for Nightwave.

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I see the changes.

"Catch-up Acts will now appear once you have less than 3 current-weekly Acts left to complete, as opposed to only appearing once you’ve completed the whole current week."

Much appreciated DE.

lilo and stitch hug GIF

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Hydrolyst and Profit-taker were both challenges that came up during Season 1 of Nightwave. If you haven't bothered to build an amp or rank up SU in the many, many months we've had since then, I don't know what to tell ya. I guess Nightwave isn't for you.

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Challenges are supposed to be challenging. While Nightwave isn't exactly challenging, it at least tries to be sometimes. Killing late-game bosses is widely considered challenging, at least in theory. To do these challenges, you must unlock those bosses. You have to play the game. Stop complaining that everything isn't handed to you, and play the game.

That being said, I agree 100% that the challenges to just spend resources are lame.

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2 hours ago, (XB1)Erudite Prime said:

Challenges are supposed to be challenging. While Nightwave isn't exactly challenging, it at least tries to be sometimes. Killing late-game bosses is widely considered challenging, at least in theory. To do these challenges, you must unlock those bosses. You have to play the game. Stop complaining that everything isn't handed to you, and play the game.

That being said, I agree 100% that the challenges to just spend resources are lame.

This isn't complaining about not being handed things for free, or about Nightwave being too hard. Its about being punished for not doing things you literally cannot do.

Being asked to kill a late game boss late in the game is fine. But being asked to do it extremely early is not. So why does Nightwave have the potential to do that? Its like your teacher expecting you to pass your final exam on the very first day of class, and failing you when you inevitably don't. It isn't fair. You know you aren't ready for it, and they know your aren't ready for it, so why are you being punished for it?

DE could have set up some sort of system to give players alternate challenges to ones that they cannot do yet. They clearly track this sort of thing, since they no longer show you spoilers in the challenge info if you haven't unlocked that part of the game yet. So they could easily go one step further and just not give challenges that are impossible for you to do yet.

I have also seen other players suggest some sort of veto/reroll system to help with this sort of thing. Where you could choose like 1~2 challenges per week to throw out, and get a different, hopefully better one. I also made a thread to try and brainstorm a whole bunch more challenge ideas. Mostly just to add variety to the overall system, but it would also help keep the less doable/desirable challenges from popping up as often.

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