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Garuda Melee Weapons Visual Bug


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This has been touched on in previous threads, but none have said all of it.

Garuda has a bug when previewing 2-handed weapons, most notably dual swords, but also affects polearms, two-handed Nikanas, and great weapons to some extent.

This has been noted in the following threads by users peshoduvkata133, Quenhas_Kan, and SinNephilim in order:




I have inserted images of the dual swords in the market as they are the biggest offenders, however you can see in the other threads some examples of how they affect different classes of two-handed weapons in the arsenal preview as well, even weapons such as primes which cannot be bought from the store. This seems to affect all two-handed weapons regardless of size and orientation. It does not seem to affect single-handed weapons or odd ones such as whips, fans or glaves. This bug has yet to be addressed, despite having been mentioned in multiple threads so far. Hopefully this will help bring further attention to this problem and get it fixed soon.unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png


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