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Reflection (And Other Block Mods')


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So got it, looekd interesting - maxed it to 96%...

And dethcube with just rank 1 elemental mods kills mobs way faster ....

Even the rate at which blocking uses stamina is eatign it all up too fast.



It really needs a decent damage multiplier when it reflects.

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Don't use Reflection because the amount of damage it reflects is 100% negligible at any state of the game, including the absolute beginning. Ironically, you probably wouldn't even have found this mod by the time it's usefulness runs out.


Don't use Parry because knocking enemies down when you block doesn't seem to work multiple times in a row and Retribution is a better fit considering electrocuting them also gives you a free stun and damage and you don't have to stop to block and use stamina.


Don't use Reflex Guard because the damage mitigation of blocking is virtually nil right now and auto-blocking will definitely get you killed if you do it in any situation where avoiding damage is actually necessary for survival.

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