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Dojo Spawn room changes.


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Ok... I'm currently making my Inspiration Hall as the Spawn Area.

And there is this thing that is currently miffing me: I spawn inside a decoration or facing the closed door that has a Node Avalible.

Since Empyrean will come to Dojos, I wish for a small change to come along with the package or before that... or even after that, as long as it comes:

When we select a room to be the Spawn Point, let us chose where in the room we will spawn.

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This! This is what i want since DE added the Inspiration halls. My personal problem here is, that we built a special area in the upper part of this room, right where the 360° glass windows are, but cant make it a spawn room because with the current spawn system you end up standing on ground level. And thats not even the only occasion. So with any possible addition coming in Empyrean this is one of the most important imo.

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