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Weapon Expansion: Combat Skates/Foot Blades, Ether Weapon Revivals!


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A weapon that could very much add a multi-dimensional reason to use them could be leg-blades/Combat Skates, which would confer additional "sprint" speed while equipped as well as highly mobile attacks with a lot of lateral as well as forward and backward movement as part of their stances and combos. These Skates could also range from traditional smooth-bladed skates similar to real world ice skates, or the Grineer could implement chainsaw technology for more grip on surfaces and more damage against targets, while Corpus could implement gravity tech and hard light blades to make movement feel faster and floatier with more elemental effects.

Secondly, I propose new and more varied Ether weapons. Ether Nikana, Ether Two-Handed Nikana, Ether Greatsword, Ether Glaive, Ether Polearm, Ether Whip, Ether Kusarigama (Blade+Whip), all sporting a heavy emphasis on Slash damage, fairly high status chance, moderate crit chance, quick speed, fair reach, and the translucent crystalline/glass-like blades with crackling energy inside as the previous Ether blades we once used long ago.

For such an interesting aesthetic/material and for it being suited to edged weapons so much, I figure it's a shame that there's been no new Ether weapons for many of the popular edged weapon types since the Ether Reaper came out (Which was the last Ether blade to be released).

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