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[Conclave] Reenable Opticor Variant


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Recently, I've been playing the regular game modes again and I feel like there are quite a few issues that need to be looked at. Seeing how it has been neglected for a long time now that's not really a surprise.

But I think you should reenable Opticor Variant, simply so that we can play something that doesn't need additional balancing.

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On 2019-08-07 at 5:58 PM, --Q--ualityContent said:

You can to that in private lobbies with Nidus and the -eHP mods, though getting the variants back would be lit.

Interesting idea, but kinda defeats the point. Nothing beats being able to just hop into a public lobby, and who would be able and willing to reenact that Variant mode, anyway?

Also, iirc the Opticor had a custom charge time, too.

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