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Fortuna Elevator Trap


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So my friend and I are running a mission on Fortuna. We finish up and the elevator won’t open for her saying it’s out of order but I go right on in. The timer counts down and she teleports in with me leaving Fido the Kuburow. So now we are both currently in this elevator going on 20 minutes now or so with the loading symbol spinning. Kicker, we don’t have the option to leave mission because it’s not even in the menu anymore, and we’d really like our items. 

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I've had similar issues on Fortuna AND on the Plains of Eidolon.  BOTH environments are highly unstable and bugged as hell.  But DE insists on adding new content that's half broken instead of pushing out a game-wide bug patch and stabilizing gameplay.

It takes me roughly 10-15 attempts before I find a stable instance out in either environment. Desyncing.  Host migration (which DE needs to find another method to Co-Op players instead of pushing an instance out to some players machine that's stuck on dial-up speeds then bails coz they can't stay connected while the rest of the squad gets all but hosed).


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