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[mild spoiler] Gdi mom...


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So my real life mom started using Discord so she can participate in an online Dominion tournament. She friended me; like a fool I accepted. This means she can see what video games I'm playing. Note that we're both adults (I'm in my 30s, she's in her 60s)


cue this exchange.




*edit* Further notes:

1. I'd normally compare Hyperion Cantos & Foundation instead, perhaps, but Pern, Valdemar, & Darkover were her faves in college.

2. Warframe would not be her jam, and she doesn't have a system that could run it anyway. She does everything on a very jank old Macbook. Maybe I'll find a way to tell her stories.

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4 minutes ago, Hawk_of_the_Reborn said:

Bring her in for conversion!

Alas! First of all, she uses a very jank old Macintosh PC, and second, the gameplay loop/style REALLY wouldn't be her jam. She's always preferred puzzle games (Myst) & card/deckbuilders (Dominion). Closest I've gotten is that she's been playing Pokemon GO with me for a few years 🙂 From past experience also, me playing in the living room would basically be like..


"woah! Wow! You're jumping! Why are you jumping!? oh my gosh WOW blam blam you killed those guys! Okay! What are you doing!? I have no idea what's happening, I think I just wanna go watch Star Trek."

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Sorry, I don't understand, what is the problem? Your mom knowing you play Warframe?

I thought your parents knowing about stuff like this is only a problem in your early 20's, or before that 😃

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Btw I love your TLDR description, spot on 😊
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