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Clem Weekly Mission Completely Bugged Out


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Not too long ago I failed a weekly Clem mission due to some glitch, error, what have you, that I haven't encountered before personally. It's brief though, got into the mission and first thing I noticed wrong was that Clem didn't appear as usual. About 8 minutes or so in with a little over a minute left, the sound que for life support running out plays, when I had around 70% life support left. 4 seconds later the mission fail screen comes up with me still having plenty of shield, HP, and time left on the clock. I don't mind failing a mission due to lack of skill or a mistake on my part, I can even somewhat tolerate the one shot b.s. that happens too often, but I have no idea what the hell happened here. It was just one mission, and after replaying it to see if the problem would happen again, the mission played normally. Still, it's best something like this gets checked if possible so it doesn't occur to anyone else or myself.

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