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Not Enough Reactant in Interceptions


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So I've run into a very strange issue. I can't open relics during Interception missions, as I "win" the mission before enough reactant has dropped to open my relic.

Right now, there's a meso fissure interception against grineer. I reach about 5 out of the 10 required reactant and then the match ends. And for some strange reason, it resets the counter back to 0 between rounds, so I can't even crack a relic by going multiple rounds.

A brief google search shows other people have had this issue for over two years now. Can I safely assume that this is intended behavior, and that we are supposed to play Interception badly?

What I mean is, the only way to force an Interception mission to drop enough reactant is to play like an idiot. You can't kill enemies, you have to wait patiently for them to capture points. Then, you can't recapture those points, or the round ends too quickly. You literally have to stand there doing nothing letting them win, or else you don't get loot.

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