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Possible Wukong ability and energy exploit


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So, once I got stuck in my Primal Fury I couldn't turn it off and it was not consuming energy.

I managed to reproduce it with 70-80% percent success rate.

  - You must have one weapon equipped and use all of its ammo so you automatically go to the 'unarmed weapon'
  - Use your Celestial Twin ability
  - Use Your Primal Fury, melee attack but don't hit anyone
  - Wait until Twin kills someone
  - Turn off Primal Fury
Now you are stuck in your Primal Fury but can't melee
  - Use your Defy
And now you are able to melee with your Fury and Energy is not consumed.


I don't know if it only applies to me but it's very strange.

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although I must say, I really don't see why someone would exploit this, after you pick up ammo if you left/right-click (which you will do eventually, even by accident)  the exploit is pretty much gone, so you'd have to empty the gun again. Still, a bug is a bug.

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At least this is what I think... I'll change polarity in one of the mod slots, resetting the iron bar rank to zero and allowing bigger mods in the future. Said bar is the most powerful and faster ability on the Wukong warframe, allowing to endure longer battles with no energy waste, missions like survival eventually get crazy and the bar is pretty much an effective crowd control tool. I'm rank 4 so there's much I need to lv.

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