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archwing frame concept


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hp 100
armor 200
shield 100
energy 200

passive (using wings)
You get the opportunity to equip archwing and archwing weapons. 
All damage you received in the back will be blocked by your wings until destroyed.
If the warframe is in bleed mode, you can move and shoot normally until the wings are destroyed. 
(You must stop to let your ally resurrect you.)
You can resurrect allies by continuing to move, taking an ally in arms.
(A possible new mechanic for reviving in archwing missions.)
You must fully restore the HP of your wings to reactivate the protection.
You recover 0.5% of the maximum energy while the wings are active.

Mechanics of movement:
No matter whether the wings are active or not, you can move like underwater missions.
Touching the surface, you do not take damage. 
Instead, the warframe stabilizes itself and is able to move parallel to the surface as if it were on the ground. 
(This mechanics it would be good to implement on all archwing)

ability to, which spend energy wings:
1) You use one of the 4 wing abilities. 
the ability is only affected by mods that use wings.
If the wings are destroyed, the ability will be blocked.

Abilities that spend energy of the frame:
2) You teleport to an ally or allied object that is within the synthesis radius. 
During teleportation, the ally receives a shield that absorbs damage for three seconds, increasing protection points, after which the shield will protect the ally for 30 seconds or until it is destroyed. 
You can teleport through walls. 
Cannot be use on themselves.
50 energy.

3)For 10 seconds, your wings and ally in 10 meters get +10% of the frame's strength, duration, radius, and energy efficiency.
Fighters deal 100% more damage and recover their abilities twice as fast.
75 energy.

4)Every second you release an energy pulse that replenishes the energy of your wings and allies in 25 meters.
Wings and ally receive 25% energy of the cost of the ability.
Your wings are also healed at 5% of maximum health per second.
25 energy + 10 per sec.

New companion. Fighters. 
Fighters can be used by normal frames, but are available in archwing mode.
Fighters will attack and use their abilities only to those enemies that you attack.
Fighters are flying companions that attack at a distance using the weapons of the guards.
After receiving a fatal blow, the fighters teleport to you and sit on your shoulder for 100 seconds.

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Titania at the moment is not archwing frame. Yes, it is like him, but as I wrote earlier, the limitations in armament, companions just kills all the fun. You literally use 4 and do the same thing until you run out of energy or enemies grow above level 200. Besides Titania does not follow the style of the archwing, where is your location important to use abilities. (all archwings have such mechanics). 

It's just I don't really have any hope that Titania will be reworked properly because people say "her 4 is OK"

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Can you please make the concept more specific?

The frame has wings, they seem to have separate HP pool that can even be healed with 4 but nothing more.

Can equip archwing and use it's abilities, I guess... but can fly like archwing without archwing and have skills that can buff wings... when the wing is broken? Don't get it.

Fighters = space Sentinels? What's the difference then and how they make the game better?

How are you going to teleport through walls? You can't target something you don't see.

22 minutes ago, zhellon said:

Besides Titania does not follow the style of the archwing, where is your location important to use abilities.

All her skills have LoS and range so it's important to position yourself right. Or did you mean that archwings have self-cast skills and Titania doesn't? That's hardly can be called 'archwing style'.

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Il y a 1 heure, Syasob a dit :

Can you please make the concept more specific?

The problem with the archwing frame concept is that we have 2 bars of health/shields/energy. If we connect them, we'll get a flying Inaros. I thought to implement this as Titania with two modes, but it's easier then to remake itself Titania that are unlikely to do. On this separate health bar simply protects against attacks in the back. Therefore, it is like a full-fledged slow atmospheric archwing, which has the possibility of unlimited flight and does not have a problem with the collision. Archwing abilities it is possible to use on regular missions. Elythron kills trash grineer 80 level 3 ability. By this frame mods can make them too strong. By this I provide a link mods as a separate ability with a small duration.

Il y a 1 heure, Syasob a dit :

How are you going to teleport through walls?You can't target something you don't see.

I'm sure they can work something out. This ability is designed to be freer in flight on stationary missions like defense or excavation.

Il y a 1 heure, Syasob a dit :

How are you going to teleport through walls?You can't target something you don't see.

First, unlike the guards, fighters fly on their own. Second, fighter are called upon to help in the murder of mobs weapons, not abilities. Therefore, unlike the guards, they will passively fly around you until you start attacking someone. On the one hand, this is bad, because the fighter does not attack passively and does not protect you, on the other hand, you can specify his goals and attack in a coordinated manner, which can be useful.


Either way, it's just a thought. I've suggested a couple of similar concepts before and just do it from time to time, hope the developers think about it.

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