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Baruuk Augments.


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I've heard that soon, Baruuk will be next in line te receive Augments. I'm so excited about this, because Baruuk is great and I love playing him. So far I don't have many problems with most of his spells.

There two kind of Baruuk's players. The people playing Elude (therfor, a bit of range, efficiency, and duration ; which make the 2 linger for long in a huge area, and the 3 to fly away as quick as possible, and a weak ulti) - A little "passive" build where you benefit most from your kit when you don't attack...

And the people playing just full power with not other stats (for the max dagger, and a strong ulti, because Serene Storm doesn't factor duration, efficiency or range).

It's somehow hard to find augments that would benefit both style of build. Trying to think about it, i've came up with :

- Elude is one of the rare few first spell that doesn't do any damage. An Augment charging mitigated damage that'd be converted in a huge explosion, or into other spells, could make it really more usefull.

- Lull is a really strong ability, putting a whole area (in sight) to sleep, allowing finishers, and reseting the alert level, allowing stealth kill with the corresponding affinity gain. It's strong. But the single tick of damage may wake everybody up again. An Augment making it either go through walls, bypassing the required line of sight - or and augment setting a %max health treshold before they wake up, could make the ability even easier to use propelly, for random groups.


- Desolate Hand is really awesome. I had two augments idea for it : The first would make the daggers not disapear after hitting an enemy, staying on the hit target, until it dies (not granting him damage reduction of course), but jumping to another target on kill, and making a chain reaction of disarm. If no enemies are in range, the dagger would fall on the ground, and jump on the next enemy walking by - or friendly allied player. Duration would affect the amount of time the dagger can linger on the ground before being picked up by the next target.

The second idea was to allow daggers to target pet and sentinels... Because they need love, too. Baruuk can be a real unkillable godly tank, but you end up being lonely quite quick.


- Serene Storm can be great, but having two different instances of the punch (the actual punch, and the wave) make things too complicated. I'd wish the waves would create a combo counter, and be the only instance of damage; being able to be channeled, and such. Building combo is acutally too hard, by now, as you either build for the punch or for the wave, not both, and radgolling can annoy you more that it helps. Of course, with such critical chance, a Gladiator build (on the melee weapon, affecting the exalted weapon) would make Baruuk's ulti become a huge dps monster, but that would be okay considering his kit. Also, the main problem with Desert Wind, is the damage type (impact) and the low status chances, making it quickly struggling vs any "high" level armored target. It thrive vs corpus and infested, but struggle way too much vs Grineer. If anything has to change, it's definitely a way to deal with those, by improving status chance, or by giving it armor penetration, or by changing it's damage type, or else.


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I heard about it as well, and already posted my ideas on a general Baruuk thread. However, since this one is about augments, I'll just put my ideas in here as well:D


1. Elude

As it stand right now, this skill is just meh and doesn't fit his kit. You need to STOP fighting in order to benefit from it. In a horde shooter. Yeah, good idea. Also, it drains energy, wich you need for desolate hands and lull. I mean. You can't replenish energy via rage, because you receive no damage. It's just... not good. It really needs some tweaks and since I know that DE wants to introduce skill augment mods for baruuk, here my ideas:

#1 Balance in all things: For each x damage blocked by elude, you regenerate one desolate Hands dagger. This would actually make me use this skill sometimes.

#2 Eye of the storm: While ELude is active, Serene hands' shockwaves emit in all directions, reducing armor of enemies they hit by x%. This gives Brauuk a way to deal with armor, while also giving this skill some use while fighting.


2. Lull

I love this skill. Only thing bothering me is the line of sight requirement, but I can get behind that, as it would probably be too strong otherwise. It's a very good control spell, and a good way to charge his ultimate. Ideas for Augments:

#1 Sleepwalk:

Instead of being put to sleep, affected enemies start walking towards you with reduced movement speed. While doing so, they lose x% armor per second. Attacking them ends the effect.

#2 Tranquility:

Reduces range by 50%. Lull becomes a toggle ability that drains energy per second emits it's effect as an aura around you. Effect ends if enemies are out of sight for more than 2 seconds.


3. Desolate hands

The damage reduction is sick. Hands down. Having some QoL changes for better control over them would be nice tho. (Like Elude idea #1)

Augment ideas:

#1 Waste not

Enemies killed by desert Storm, while being affected by the daggers effect, regenerate one dagger for Baruuk. It regenerates 2, if the enemie killed was in range to be hit by both his shockwave and his fist.

#2 Release the burden

Enemies affected by desolate hands have their armor permanently decreased by x%


Serene Storm

God, I love this skils. It's what made me fall in love with Baruuk.

#1 Cutting wind

Serene Storms damage is changed into Slash. Increased Status chance for Serene Storm

#2 Colors of the wind

Based on his energy color, Serene Storm gains x% elemental damage. Serene Storms shockwaves leave behind a hazardous trail for x seconds, dealing severeal dmg ticks with increased chance to procc status.




There, thats my ideas for improvements. As you can see, I mostly would like to see some way to strip armor, improve his dagger economy, or make his kit work as a whole. Especially Elude and Lull pretty much contradict each other right now.

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On 2019-08-05 at 11:27 AM, dwqrf said:

Serene Storm can be great, but having two different instances of the punch (the actual punch, and the wave) make things too complicated. I'd wish the waves would create a combo counter, and be the only instance of damage; being able to be channeled, and such.

Disagree, they have the same stats but are counted as separate instances, so hitting an enemy with both doubles your damage, or up to quadruple damage if both instances crit without counting crit damage mods.

Of course the actual problem is that alot of the combos make the waves ragdoll enemies away so you don't benefit from that most of the time.

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