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Power Crashing


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I attempted to join a friend(B)'s mission from the lobby with another friend(A), and my other friend(A) said something before I was going to leave, so I clicked "no" on the popup asking if I wanted to leave the session.


This called up the popup again. I clicked no.


This called up the popup again. I clicked no.


After a dozen or so times of doing this, I clicked yes.


It made me join the mission with friend(B), and about 3 minutes later, friend(A) whispered me that he crashed when I left.


It's of note that before this happened, I was first told he(A) has a nekros frame on, and then told he(A) has a rhino frame on.


He(A) owns neither frame.


So... tossing this to you guys. No clue what this is about, but that's what happened.

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