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Any idea when the next 'major content update' will happen?



Okay so, I've been on permanent burnout. Yes, I mean permanent. Ever since the burnout started, I've never been able to get back to the game since I fall under the category where either any further progress isn't really worth the effort (I guess it's nice to forma something for more mod capacity but I'm not sure whether I could be bothered to get a slot have a certain polarity that'll cost me up to an hour or two of very repetitive gameplay OR I guess it's nice to have all the weapons but why would I bother with repetitive gameplay leveling up weapons I'll never use for damage or even for fun) or everything I have is already pretty much as top notch as I can get them to and there's no real incentive to get other lackluster weapons up to level.

Every time I come back from a burnout craving some Warframe, I install Boot Camp (I'm on Mac), I install Warframe, I load it up, log in, and find myself quitting halfway through the first mission to end up walking around my ship again.

Which is where my question comes into play. I kinda want to uninstall Boot Camp entirely to free up storage on my Mac, however I feel like the next "major content update" is just around the corner, and that as soon as I uninstall Boot Camp entirely, Warframe's gonna have new stuff to do and that I'll have to reinstall absolutely everything again. I've seen the trailers for the new open world darker, borderline Lovecraftian setting with the grown up operators as well as the New War or Second War or whatever it's called and I've seen the railjack demo/gameplays, and I'll be honest, railjack doesn't interest me personally at all, the new open world Lovecraftian setting seems heavily plot related but the actual gameplay seems destined to be what Fortuna was to PoE, 80% copy paste gameplay with reskins. The New War or Second War thing is quite obviously plot driven, but I can know about the plot from YouTube.

I dunno, I feel conflicted in whether I should keep hold of Warframe now since its still functioning or free up space for other stuff but risk missing out on potentially immediate content updates. But ultimately I just don't see how Warframe can feel fresh again. 

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