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Can't invite players to my or his/her party


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Game glitches and game bugs to the appropriate bug report section of the forums.  Exploits, account issues, technical problems and problems with fellow players to support.
When writing a ticket, define your experience coherently, supply every detail regarding the problem, from screenshots, videos, logs, matchmaking settings, build number to methods of replication.
As this is an account matchmaking issue in its essence, you should provide the log file covering the session in which this has happened.
To see details on which information you should give when submitting a technical support ticket, read the guidelines on WARFRAME Support > Technical Support > Technical Support

Additionally, try testing this with a VPN. 
Lately there have been more complaints of internet providers no longer being acknowledged by Warframe and people being forced to use VPN services for the sake of proceeding to utilize the multiplayer side of this game.

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